Jillian Holtzmann is my new favorite mad scientist!

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We’ve had Doc Brown and Egon Spangler as our prototypical good-guy mad scientist role models for so long. A great one doesn’t come around often, but Holtzmann is everything!

She’s brilliant, quirky, and endlessly hilarious. She creates the awesome, and drastically unsafe, tech with a certain flare and gusto. She fills the original role of Spengler so well, it is a honor to the late Harold Ramis.

In the face of ridicule, failure, and frightening specters, Holzman remains calm and chill until she’d ready to kick some ghost buttock. Her delight at their discoveries is refreshing and her inventions full of imagination and flash.

“We put a ghost in a box!”

Kate Mckinnen is fabulous in the role and brought the character to life. The interwebs keep speculating on Holzman’s sexual orientation, but I love that they chose to make it ambiguous and mysterious. She stays between no lines, and the most important accomplishment for her character was finding a family unit that accepted her for who she was no matter what.

“Safety lights are for dudes.”