Frankenstein's Laboratory


This website is both my writer’s blog and my ode to the subject matter, themes, characters, and essence of mad science in fiction. From Dr. Frankenstein to the Ghostbusters to the TV show Fringe, I have been a fan of the subcategory of Science Fiction where the boundaries of traditional science become blurred with the fantastical. Mad Science imagines worlds where science becomes magic or the opposite where magic becomes science.


In high school, I took AP Chemistry the year after taking regular chemistry. I loved the idea of experimentation, and I found the strange creatures in bottles of odorous liquids that lined the shelves around the room mystifying. I found the mathy bits a bit laborious, though I managed to score a 3 on the AP test, which allowed me to gain college credit. The next year, I took AP Calculus, and fared a bit better, scoring a 4. At the same time, I was delving into novels that challenged me on a whole other level. I don’t remember the grades, but I devoured To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, A Separate Peace by John Knowles, and all things Ray Bradbury.


Writing became a passion, and I realized that I had no further desire to study science or math, and because of my AP credits, I didn’t have to. Still, the ideas of discovery and scientific reasoning were ingrained in my imagination. I write science fiction, for the most part, but more so, I tend to write about scientists, and they tend to have a little ‘madness’ in them.

The protagonist of my current novel is a sixteen-year-old science fair girl who discovers her estranged father is a mad scientist intent on gaining eternal life, even if he has to sacrifice my protagonist to do so.

I have another story in the works where a team of science students à la Real Genius (one of my favorite movies) try to stop an actual real-life super villain with actual powers using science.

Real Genius

Even in my epic fantasy novel, also in the editing stage, there is a scientist character who is trying to discover the source of the magic in the world.


Because I’ve spent the last 20 years writing and not publishing, I have quite a backlog of work that I am committed to finishing, polishing, and publishing. Learn more about my writing backlog here. I also have sequels planned from the novels I’m currently finishing. I’m done being that guy who never finishes his stuff.

UPDATE: My debut novel comes out August 15, 2017 from Immortal Works Press. Find me on Goodreads here: Future is now!