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I have a large backlog of stories, projects and ideas that I am going to complete soon. These are mostly recent projects that I’ve been working on the last two years, projects I believe are worth publishing and worth other people’s time and money to read. I am seeking representation and publication. I am going to take one project and self publish it, though, to get it out there and try that avenue. So, to get it out there, and as a promise to whoever reads my blog, these are the works you’re going to see soon.


  1. I’m currently polishing a young adult novel about a modern-day science fair girl who discovers her estranged father is very much a mad scientist, the CEO of a laboratory of mad scientist. Instead of some Daddy-daughter time, she is force to attend the local high school, and she quickly discovers the parents have been experimenting on their children. She finds her life threatened, but uses her science and wit to escape all but her father’s malicious plans.I am going to try to publish this novel through traditional means.
  2. BethyMy second novel is a Middle Grade fiction that I co-developed with my blind daughter (8-years-old at the time). Her favorite stories were the Capital Mysteries and Cinderella, so we mashed the two together. Cindy is a blind girl whose father marries the President of the United States. She moves into the White House and struggles to find her place. Soon her father dies and her stepmother becomes very wicked toward Cindy, forcing her to do chores, hoping to get Cindy to find a new home. Cindy accidentally overhears things she should not, and her life is now in danger. With the help of a young Secret Service agent, Cindy becomes a spy in the White House, hoping to stay ahead of her step mother’s plans to get rid of her.I’m planning to self publish this story. I think it has an audience that will enjoy this very much. I think the actions and behaviors of my protagonist reflect a blind girl her age. I am modeling how being blind affects her after my own daughter.
  3. I am in the rewriting stage of my high fantasy novel, currently at 56,000 words. I need to expand several scenes and finish the side plots of a few characters so I expect it will end up around 90,000 words when I’m finished. This world has a unique magic system and I love the characters. It needs a lot of work, but will be my project after I get the 1 and 2 out the door.

Comic Books

I love comic books, and I grew up reading whatever books I could get my hands on. I have several projects in mind, and have writing scripts. I need to find an artist to collaborate with on these projects. I don’t have the funds to invest in the artwork, so the collaboration would be on spec. If you are interested, please email me at and provide some samples.

  1. I have the first 6 scripts written for a comic book about aging a group of rugged Vietnam vets who escourt a winged princess back to her world through a portal deep in the Vietnam jungle to regain her thrown.
  2. I have a script for a one shot about a British princess who, after insisting on joining the military, becomes trapped behind enemy lines.
  3. I have another script for another one shot about a women who, after losing her leg in Afghanistan, goes to a water park with her friends, exposing her scars to the world. They find the park swarming with secret service agents protecting the President’s daughter, who is in attendance. The woman quickly discovers a plot by the agent’s to kidnap the daughter and jumps into action to save her.


I am also polishing a full-length screenplay, which I hope to enter into a contest soon. This story is my ode to the movie Real Genius, which is one of my favorite movies.

Short Stories

I also have a few dozen short stories that I am planning to finish or turn into something larger.

  1. I want to enter a story about a girl who wakes up in a bio dome 300 years after her death to find that she is part of a project to save humanity. The only other people alive are a young boy and his sanity-challenged mother. To keep the project going, she must get stay alive long enough to get pregnant.
  2. I am going to put up a few of my older short stories on this website for free. Look for them soon.

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