Let the MAD SCIENCES begin!

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Hello. I’m Ryan and I write fiction. I’ve been writing fiction most of my life, though I don’t have any publications to show for it yet, largely because I’ve been working a day job and raising a family. My day job is technical writing, which is sort of like writing fiction, but instead of writing interesting things like characters and plot, I write about resin and bushings and software. My family includes a wife and three children. One of my children is blind, which has brought many challenges, but has also brought our family many opportunities.

Still, I have been writing and not publishing. In the past, I would write something and then when it was almost finished, I would move on to the next thing. This was likely because of fear of rejection or whatevers. Well no more! I’ve decided to¬†follow in the footsteps of the great Dr. Frankenstein and take the silent death of all the characters in my fiction and create for them the life they deserve, published and out into the wide world.


Basically, I’m going to mad science the shit out of my writing!



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